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Alex & Andrea

As first generation Australians of Greek parents, Melbourne born and bred childhood friends Alexandra (above left) and Andrea’s (above right) journey began some 30 years ago when they first travelled Europe together. 

"Our travels to Greece ignited the love affair with the people, the land and everything it personified and had to offer – from the history and culture to the fashion and lifestyle, Greece fuelled the AlexAndrea Living vision that has now become a dream come true for us."

Andrea Ibrahim | director

In the beginning, their careers took them on different paths. Alexandra pursued a career in the fashion designing & buying sector and travelled the world for work whilst Andrea cultivated a career in the finance & banking industry, fell in love and moved to Brisbane to raise a family.

Some years ago Alexandra moved to Greece to live. It was during this time that she discovered how amazingly eclectic and talented young Greek designers were and how, due to the financial crisis, they were all going back to their artisan roots and producing everything in Greece. 

From fashion and homewares to boutique olive oils and more, AlexAndrea Living encompasses the philosophy of ‘philotimo’ ("friend of honour" or "love of honour") - ‘philotimo’ is the most esteemed virtue of Greeks - an ancient word that is lost in translation in any other culture and language and yet, in its essence, defines the Greek spirit. 

"We are all about giving back. In providing talented and dynamic young European designers and artisans living in crisis with the dream come true opportunity of spreading their wings, our dream of  bringing the magic and beauty of Greece to Australia has also become a reality."

 Alexandra Servos | director 

Experience the artisan ambience where everything is
with love, passion & philotimo...

AlexAndrea Living opened its doors in October 2017 in Brisbane, QLD.

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